Ronnie Layden

painter, photographer & gallerist

Since childhood, Ronnie Layden has lived in a visual world. Using the medium of black and white photography and oil paint to represent both the world around him and the places one imagines. Layden tells the story of the world around him by choosing one event, one moment, from the millions that happen to capture and illustrate the everyday. By translating everything he sees into a composition, Layden is able to find the mood, beauty, and essence of what surrounds us all.

A work of art is held together by the principles of composition, not so much suggestive as one may believe. Instead, it is all a carefully balanced set of values and shapes, all apart of one’s consciousness.

Ronnie Layden aspires to capture the mood, environment, and beauty to the viewer in the same way that it speaks to his own soul. By using the light that illuminates the subject and plays with our eyes, Layden is able to capture the life and spark held within the people, places and moments of the world around us.